Growing up I always had an interest in photography; however I didn’t truly gain an interest and passion for photography and my camera until I was living in Ireland in 2005. The beauty of Ireland and being able to capture landscape, people and moments with my camera is what led me to taking up photography as a profession.

In 2008 I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. This program provided me with the fundamentals of photography with intense focus on the technical abilities of my camera.  In 2011 I enrolled in the Alberta College of Art and Design and complete their Bachelor Design degree majoring in photography.  Through this degree I was able to attain a different perspective of photography, from a more artistic, creative approach. This was a defining and critical step in my career as it allowed me to focus on exactly where I wanted my camera to take me.

Over the past number of years, I have focused on working with large groups, mainly organized sports communities and leagues.  I thoroughly enjoy the fast paced, high intensity work environment which allows me to meet numerous people in all different sporting associations. With my technical training in photo/studio, creative outlook in my photography, and thorough understanding of organization I thrive in this niche of photographing high volumes of people quickly and efficiently to capture the moments for people to look back on for many years.

While the majority of my photography is with sporting associations, I do enjoy the slower pace of commercial portraiture, working with families and pets and lastly my creative outlet in Metal Paws.

Kelly Jennings